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Editor's Note: Ribbon Ribbon manufacturers in the production process, how many there will be some conditions, leading to product quality biased, if the production of ribbon in which part of the problem will lead to product obsolescence. So, the following detailed description of the webbing small series in the production process should be how to avoid some of the problems, so as to enhance the production of pass rate Ribbon. Some manufacturers in the production of webbing webbing process, how many there will be some conditions, leading to inadequate quality of products, ribbon is widely used in various industrial sectors apparel, industrial, agricultural, military, transportation, etc., so the ribbon produced quality related to the visual effect of the product, if the production of ribbon in which part of the problem, this will lead to product obsolescence, then how can we avoid these problems in the production process, improve production pass rate Ribbon, eliminate some manufacturers worry, the next We introduce some of the problems in the production process Ribbon met frequently, have the appropriate solutions and preventive measures: A bending band Causes: 1, 2 uneven wear steel buckle, pull yarn uneven pan head 3, 4 steel buckle wrong place, the wrong way piecing Preventive measures: 1, according to a certain steel buckle worn formal wear law, a group or two groups worn. 2, the larger loose side, pull off some, until the other side of the same level or less and 1-5 rings can be. 3, steel buckle general and needles from a distance to empty steel buckle. 4, according to the needs of the webbing, the upper and lower access points, or points, about connection, are generally required to divide up and down, take a practice or if two or more lines, we should be separate. Second, from the waves Causes: 1, steel buckle threading uneven wear too much yarn on both sides, in the middle wearing too little. 2, wearing oversized steel buckle, pull tight weft. 3, pan head pull yarn uneven, both sides pulled tight, too loose in the middle pull. 4, piecing the right way, good balance falling pressure. Preventive measures: 1, a standard steel buckle, according to a group or two groups worn. 2, according to the desired width of the ribbon, and then choose to wear steel deduction. 3, the middle, and on both sides of the yarn swap a few, or the middle of a loose pull some down. 4, according to the practice needs to pick up the webbing, balanced by the number of how much pressure falling average. Third, the needle adverse side Causes: 1, weft uneven thickness: 2, the knitting needle wrong, too long or too short, three, go pan head is not normal, sometimes tight and sometimes loose. 4, the weft round round enough, has been deformed. 5, needle fixed Xuan wear. Preventive measures: 1, the other for a weft. 2, according to the thickness of the needle on a short length of ribbon, needle length in general, just the weft can be drained away. 3, the pan head is fixed firmly on both sides, do not let the pan head positioned against the sides of the metal framework. 4, replaced new weft wheel 5, for a fixed bar, or go to processing. Fourth, fluff Causes: A needle edge fluff. 2, 3 selvage fluff, fluff ribbon surface Preventive measures: A long time with the needle plate has been damaged. Replaced new needle plate; needles has been damaged, replaced new needles; pressure strip too tight, loosen the pinch plate; weft did not hang finished, the insertion needle and the needle away fine, the weft can hang finish 2, the weft caught steel buckle, the weft into the weft through the inner rod; steel buckle damaged, the other for a steel buckle; raw wool itself, and if so part fluff, fluff to replace, such as too much fluff, done After doing a full check with the goods. 3. The damage caused by the weft needle, replaced one or gauze beat; steel buckle damage caused by gauze beat, or the other for steel buckle; brown silk sheet damage or downtime sheet damage, replaced new. Five dimensions Causes: 1, raw uneven thickness, so that the webbing of different sizes. 2, steel buckle dress is too big or too small, so that the size of the webbing. 3, weft wheel loose during operation. 4, the weft over the bar springs, which have gone yarn hair. Preventive measures: 1, to the amount of webbing width often found when transferred over two failed immediately, do not wear steel buckle dress is too big or too small, failed to re-dress to wear, not reluctantly production 3, tighten the fixed weft round 4 often look outside of the spring loose, so that there can come out wool yarn. Six, yin and yang color Causes: 1, the raw material for color. 2, 3 pan head weight of injustice, inequality steel buckle dress Preventive measures: 1, replaced fluff or replaced without two pan head, the pan head weights. 3, the weft needle position set in the middle of the opening. Seven, jumper Causes: 1, block 2 needle bar did not block well, the position of the needle insertion needle and not for good Preventive measures: 1, the shift lever position by operation needle knitting needles 2, the insertion needle and weave for a good bit, the weft can all hang finish Eight, with easy handling dirty Causes: 1, 2 dirty brown silk pieces, all over the dirty zone axis 3, all have the yarn through the place is not clean enough Preventive measures: 1, the fitting room collar tissues and chalk, the brown silk sheet clean. 2, all over the zone axis cleaned 3, the yarn through all those places where contacts are scrubbed clean energy Nine, from both sides of the wave Causes: 1, steel buckle wear unevenly, both sides of the yarn is small, in the middle of more than two yarns, steel buckle dress is too small Preventive measures: 1, choose the appropriate steel buckle, worn by normal wear two steel buckle for wearing a little, do not wear too much or too little Ten lines Causes: 1, the end of the yarn through the veil of two crude steel buckle worn wrong, there is no end yarn wrap. 3, the choice is too thin steel buckle, every empty threading too. Preventive measures: 1, the coarser yarn change to the bottom edge, or do not replace, plus a boost. 2, choose the appropriate steel buckle, a group or two groups worn. 3, under normal circumstances try to use a set or two sets of tees, do not use the three groups or more worn.
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